Four lessons that Mixcloud have learnt – and one big Derrick May shaped lesson that they haven’t

Mixcloud are in self-congratulatory mode at the moment, it seems. Not content with posting a thread of tweets explaining how brilliant they think they are, they’ve followed it up with an incredibly monotonous blog post summing up how brilliant they think they are.

It’s such a shame that, like most of the dance music world, Mixcloud also operates in a morality vacuum. What else explains their continuous refusal to even address questions as to what on earth Derrick May is doing on the website?

As I write, people can still subscribe to May on the Mixcloud Select service for just £3.99 a month, with the option to pay more if they’re either braindead or Carl Craig.

Just what will it take for Mixcloud to remove him from the service? I won’t be letting this one go…

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