Where’s that wave of mass cancellations, then? Mixmag’s talk of festivals being decimated turns into a lot of hot air

Back on April 15th, Mixmag – yes, that tomb of accuracy and balanced reporting – claimed that unless the Government introduced Covid insurance for festivals, they would start to cancel en masse “within days. That’s their words, not mine.

Since then, little has happened. The Government has not introduced such a scheme. With the exception of Boomtown Festival, hardly any festivals have been cancelled. And the world continues to rotate, and overpaid Mixmag journalists continue to churn out what is known as yellow journalism unabated.

In the meantime, no one can explain why festivals should be provided with government backed Covid insurance. The government has pointed out that the June 21st date for England is provisional – why should the government have to suspend capitalism for the festivals if they hedge their bets wrong? Answers on a postcard, please.

Mixmag’s line on this might be motivated by self-interest. A source told me “things aren’t good at the moment, frankly. They need these festivals to go ahead – there’s a lot of advertising revenue on the line. You get the feeling some people at the top are worried”.

No wonder they’re resorting more and more to clickbait journalism like this…

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