Is money too tight to mention? What Resident Advisor and Mixmag aren’t telling you in their lockdown coverage…

I’m hearing some very interesting whispers coming from two of the big operators in dance music. They’re getting increasingly worried about the prospect of England delaying further lockdown rule changes.

Resident Advisor are said, according to a source, to be “concerned” about the situation – and much the same is coming from an insider at Mixmag. However, this isn’t because of the mental health implications or anything like that.

No, it’s because it’s going to affect their bottom line. My Mixmag insider says “the push to open up is basically motivated by self-interest. If June 21st is delayed, the festivals are delayed. And if the festivals are delayed, that means ad campaigns already booked in are delayed. This is one s***storm on top of another”.

Meantime, another source has been telling me about Resident Advisor’s problems. He said “The UK is still one of RA’s biggest markets. And that £750k is only going to get us so far. We’re going to take another hit if there’s a delay of even one or two weeks. The bosses are worried.”.

Curious that they never declare this self-interest in their coverage…

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