Sacha Lord won’t urge his followers to end lockdown by getting the jab – but it turns out he WILL get one himself!

Here’s a quick update on a story that I covered last Tuesday – it was all about Sacha John Edward Lord-Marchionne, as Companies House call him. In it, I had the temerity to ask why he wouldn’t urge his followers to get the Covid vaccine.

One question I didn’t ask at the time was whether he’d had it himself. Partly because I think it’s a private matter – even though my opinion is firmly that not having it for any reason other than an allergy is stupid. But it turns out… that he has had at least one jab!

Answering a tweet from a Labour Party councillor, he says…

It’s not entirely clear whether this was his first or second jab – though it’s being given to anyone over 32 years old in England at the moment. Details on elsewhere in the UK are here.

But in a piece of news management that any spin doctor would be proud of, he managed to sneak the tweet out at 5pm on a Friday. And so far, the anti-vaxxers and dingbats that are drawn to many of his Covid related tweets have still not noticed.

I do hope no one points them to this post…

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