Do these people ever take the day off? Now Lange is the latest has-been to say his freedom to spout rubbish is under threat

This blog has had much fun recently at the expense of Danny Rampling – his descent from half decent DJ who could barely mix to a fully paid-up member of Planet Batshit has been documented a few times now.

And now he can have some company from Stuart Laangelan, best known as trance DJ Lange. Yes, the man who used to do some pretty good remixes back in the day – “You Take My Breath Away” by SuReal is a particular favourite – has now gone down the “my freedom to talk b******s on the internet is under threat” route, posting this…

Who’d have thought that Twitter wasn’t okay with him telling people that masks are bad for you, repeating the completely untrue line that Covid-19 has a 99.7% survival rate or spreading lies about PCR tests – and that’s just in the few hours before I wrote this?

One wonders whether him drifting away from Twitter would be a good thing…

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