The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 26th June 2021

On the week that a factory created the longest string cheese in the world, I Caerphilly seperate the Gouda records from the ones you’d be cheddar off without in your life. Could you do feta?

Matt Early & Lee Jeffries Feat. Otis Corley – I Think I’m Falling In Love (Lockdown)
Every now and then, a release comes along that really speaks to me. This is one of those. Matt Early provides two very different mixes, Ray Hurley helps out on one and Electronic Youth provide a rather dull tech-house effort. But for me, this one is all about the Grant Nelson remix. You just know he’s done this garage house thing from the first time it was around, don’t you? There’s just one thing missing from this release – a nice, meaty dub…

Sy Sez Feat. Lifford – Shadows (Raising)
True2Life appears to have got a job recently as an in-house remixer at Raising Records. I wish him well in this position, and if he continues to produce remixes as exceptional as this one, may he have a long career at the label. The other mixes are good, and Rob Retford does turn up with a respectable dub – but this one is the True2Life story for me. Sensational vocals by Lifford, naturally.

IQ Musique Feat. Bongane – Miss Music (Blu Lace)
There seems to be a crude stereotype out there that African house music is just stuff with bongos on it. Allow me to show you IQ Musique, who will quickly dispel this myth for you. This is a fun little tune by the man himself and singer Bongane. Three mixes to play with, but the main mix is my choice.

Seven Hill City – Dreamer (3rd Way)
Yes, I received a copy of this a few weeks ago. I’ve worked with 3rd Way before. Make of that what you will. Anyway, I’m not a massive fan of the first two mixes of this one. I personally think the sample isn’t necessary. The Uncle George mix feels a bit speed garage – but it’s Jordan Trove’s Old School Dub that’s the eye opener here. With a little bit more flesh on the bones, this could have been a brilliant vocal mix with the signature JT sound. An extremely gifted talent…

Dan E-Mc & Orlando Johnson – Bring Back The Good Times (Molto)
Most of the mixes on this are a flat out no for me. They either don’t do it for me, or the mastering engineer has squashed them just a little too hard. There is one mix, however, that I’m really enjoying on this release – the one by Nu Ground Foundation. If you like mid-90s house music of the sort that came from the United States, you’ll like this version.

Joseph Capriati & Eric Kupper Feat. Byron Stingily – Love Changed Me (The Masters At Work Remixes) (REDIMENSION)
This is likely to get me some criticism, but I always believed Masters At Work were stronger when it came to remixes than original productions. Their recent output is an example of this. Their two newest productions range from okay to terrible, whereas this is much closer to the MAW we knew and loved back in the day. The main mix is all very musical and faithful to the original, but it’s the Rowdy Adlib Dub where things start to get really interesting.

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