1+2=0? DJ Sneak’s bizarre new strategy to remove his music from digital stores by adding MORE tracks onto the list

This blog has been doing a public service at the request of its readers over the past few months – although I suspect the protagonist here would prefer I didn’t. I’ve been keeping an eye on DJ Sneak’s vow to remove all his music from the digital stores.

How’s it going? So far, not great. His projected Traxsource Freedom Day – that is, the day his music will all be gone from Traxsource – is currently scheduled just before Christmas… in 2023. Hardly the actions of someone who seems to think he’s leading a musical revolution.

However I get the impression that Sneak’s boycott of the digital stores is either not going to plan, or he just wasn’t serious about it in the first place. Why?

Well, I notice he’s put up two new tracks recently. Here they are. Removing records from digital stores by adding new ones? Yes, this seems like a coherent strategy…

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