Hannah Wants gets ratty with someone asking if her lockdown stance is motivated by money – but one question: is it true, and does it matter anyway?

The Save Our Scene UK temper tantrum took place on Sunday, with a selection of DJs you might have heard of alongside a selection of DJs you probably haven’t. We also had Judge Jules – a great grandad in DJ terms – to deliver a less than eloquent speech.

One of the names in the “might have heard of” category – because she’s been around for a while now – is Hannah Wants. Born in Birmingham in 1986, she attended her first rave in 2002 and was hooked onto dance music since. In a past life, she was a professional footballer, involved with the England women’s team for over 10 years. She became a full time DJ from 2010.

She also gets quite rattled when anyone dares suggest the reason she wants lockdown restrictions removed is so she can make more money. Wants told one Twitter user that “I’ve lost a ton of money but if you’re implying that’s the cause or reason for my views then you’re wrong”. But is there any truth in this theory?

Taking a look under her real name of Hannah Alicia Smith on Companies House, she appears to own three companies – Hannah Wants Ltd, Freasley Management Company and Wants Holdings Limited. As of October 31st 2019, Hannah Wants Ltd had £624,166 of net assets – down notably on the £891,463 from the year before.

Freasley Management Company has been dormant for several years now and currently has no money in the bank. And Wants Holdings Limited had just over £318,000 in reserve as of October 2019. Bear in mind these are all pre-pandemic figures – and given what industry she works in, it’s highly plausible the bank balances for these companies will have been dented by the pandemic.

Wants is certainly not in a unique position here. Many other DJs will have seen their incomes hit, and I wouldn’t blame her in the least if she wanted to start earning again – everyone has bills to pay. But she might wish to heed the advice of an insider at Kiss FM, the station which recently hired her for a regular Saturday night show.

According to this insider, Kiss FM have received a few complaints since news of her appointment was made public – mostly due to her anti-vaxxer views. He said “Bosses are keeping quiet for now, but they do take notice of these things. I don’t know if she’s been spoken to about it. They’re keeping an eye on the situation – and that includes what she puts out on social media.”.

This might explain why she’s toned down her usual boisterous messages on Twitter…

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