Don’t these parasites EVER take a day off? “Two big influencers” want singer Jamie Mathias at their wedding in the summer – and the cheapskate couple are “not really paying the suppliers”…

Regular readers might remember a post I did back in October last year involving Brighton based singer and songwriter Jamie Mathias. He’d been on Twitter detailing just some of the occasions he’d been asked to do performances for payment in that pernicious, deletrious modern currency of exposure. One of them even involved a man inviting Mathias to sleep with his wife!

Well, he’s back. Late last week, he revealed how “two big influencers” wanted him to play at their wedding this August in Ibiza. He’s currently refusing, perhaps honourably, to name and shame the parasite couple, deeming “I wouldn’t want to be responsible for leading to constant bullying and worse”.

Anyway, the couple say they’re “not really paying the suppliers. We’ll do promo posts and what we charge for promo is worth way more than any track”. Aren’t these “influencers” curious people? They charge through the nose for advertising through their Instagram profiles, yet refuse to put their hands in their pockets the way the rest of us have to.

Where I’m from, we address people like that as parasites – as well as a number of other less printable words. And whilst Mathias is refusing to disclose who the couple are, one thing is for certain.

Namely that tabloid newspaper journalists are going to be looking closely at any influencer couples who are getting married on August 16th this year. If that happens, the cheapskate duo could soon be wishing they’d just paid…

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