Why it’s sometimes best for DJs just not to speak…

One of the harsh truths about dance music is that it occasionally attracts some utter oddballs. Now, allow us to explain ourselves here – we’re not talking here about people who see themselves as different and have found a home in this vast community where they’ve faced rejection and discrimination before.

What we’re talking about is more conspiratorial types. People within the scene who express views which would be considered plainly mad elsewhere – but for some reason, aren’t dismissed out of hand in dance music. Maybe it’s because many of the people in dance music are just too nice to call such things out – we’re happy for others to judge that.

Whatever the reason, this development is certainly nothing new either. Take a look at this section from the December 1995 edition of Muzik Magazine, where Afrika Bambaata waxes lyrical about “the New World Order” and sticking “silicone and microchips in your brain”…

To be fair, Bambaata is unlikely to be troubled by a site bringing up something he said to a dance music magazine in the 90s – he has far bigger problems to worry about. He’s currently being sued by someone accusing him of child sexual abuse.

Bambaata has historically denied these allegations – of which there are quite a few – but seems curiously uninterested in defending himself against this particular case…

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