Will festivals spread monkeypox this summer?

And just when you thought it was safe to go outside again, another virus is suddenly on the loose – and this time, no one can even try to blame the Chinese for it. Yes, monkeypox is spreading its way around the world, and Europe is very much the current epicentre of the virus.

Just like Covid-19 in its early days, much is unclear. Why is it a virus normally only seen within western and central Africa now spreading across Europe? Ravers getting frisky are suspected to be responsible, although Ears To The House harbours just a little natural scepticism for this line.

So what’s the World Health Organisation’s advice to anyone heading to a festival in the next few weeks? Contrary to some press coverage, it isn’t to avoid going – but it’s simply to exercise caution. Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO’s Regional Director for Europe, says…

“Monkeypox has already spread against the backdrop of several mass gatherings in the Region. Over the coming months, many of the dozens of festivals and large parties planned provide further contexts where amplification may occur. But they also provide powerful opportunities to engage with young, sexually active and globally mobile persons to raise awareness and strengthen individual and community protection.”

Isn’t it curious how the “amplification” bit has resulted in super-spreader headlines en masse, yet the bit about “raising awareness” has been completely ignored? Curious…

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