Clubs are back – ugly side and all…

Some people occasionally get the impression that Ears To The House aren’t exactly keen on clubbing. Not so – it’s a central part of the dance music world and probably always will be. This does not mean, however, that we’re going to ignore the ugly side of the dancefloor.

Readers from the Amateur’s House era might remember an article from October last year, in which our cherished industry insider revealed his thoughts – also those of much of his industry – on the vile subject of needle spiking. It now appears that this utterly sickening crime is spreading elsewhere.

The Australian-born Zoe Zanias – real name Alison Lewis – published a detailed account of how she was a victim of needle spiking in trendy Berghain last weekend. You can read it in its entirety below, where she describes experiencing an “abstract psychedelic horror trip”.

So how did the beleaguered Berghain, who were in the middle of a Covid-19 outbreak last year, respond? Er, their bouncers threw her out of the club whilst she was still in the middle of a trip. A more moronic response would honestly be hard to imagine – and it’s intriguing that for once, the normally aloof Berghain seem to have responded to a person who reached out to them.

But whilst their reaction was clearly dreadful, let’s recall the words of the industry insider last year – which he stands by, incidentally. He said “It’s not the fault of nightclubs [this is] happening. It’s the fault of sick f***ers who think they’ve got the right to drug and do even worse things to women.”. Indeed so…

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