Carter or May? The mystery of which Derrick is appearing at Futur Festival…

Ears To The House has been at the forefront of efforts to get the answer to the question – why wasn’t Derrick May booked to play at Movement in Detroit this year? Because the man himself doesn’t seem to know why. Several of my sources in Detroit have got in touch since yesterday’s story, which left them scratching their heads.

Word is that he keeps changing his story as to why. Amongst the litany of stories is the claim he’s somehow the victim of “cancel culture”. May seems to have an issue with the fact he was accused of sexual assault and rape, and that the scene chose to respond by no longer booking him for previously regular jobs. He also cites the lack of any legal action or convictions against him as evidence of a “witch hunt”.

But it appears that someone might – our emphasis on this word will become apparent shortly – been brave enough to counter the “cancel culture” which May claims is plotting against him. Such as his old friends at the Futur Festival in Italy’s pictureseque Torino. The man himself is booked to play on Saturday 2nd July alongside the likes of Satoshi Tommie, Tale Of Us and Pan-Pot.

Quite what they would make on being the same lineup as May is unknown. But one thing which isn’t such a mystery is that Derrick May does not appear anywhere on their website. Indeed, the only Derrick listed in the lengthy lineup – which also features prickly duo CamelPhat, Carl Cox, Honey Dijon and The Blessed Madonna – is Derrick Carter. And not for the first time, as regular readers might recall.

Songkick also lists Carter as making an appearance, but not May. Sadly though, Futur Festival has not yet responded to requests from Ears To The House for clarification on whether May is appearing – or whether he has yet again become the victim of the “cancel culture” which exists solely in his head…

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