Tomorrowland joins the McDonald’s style festival list…

One thing which constantly astonishes us at Ears To The House is how the dance music world can keep putting glitter on a turd and get away with it. And a prime example of this can be found in the festival world.

We get sent details of a lot of festival line-ups in our inbox, and we see a lot of them whenever browsing social media as well. The thing we keep noticing again and again is just how similar a lot of festivals are these days. After two years of not being able to run anything, most festivals seem to have decided to throw the kitchen sink at surviving by booking the same top-dollar DJs.

Whether our suspicions are correct is something we’ll disclose tomorrow – our industry insider has just got back to us and we’ll publish his take very soon. In the meantime, we detailed yesterday how Portugal’s Secret Project Festival – actually just another sideline of Manchester’s Sacha Lord – was business techno encapsulated.

Sure enough, the algorithms which seem to dictate much about life today sent us details about Tomorrowland, who have just released their lineup. Would they fare any better? And before anyone asks, we didn’t read the full lineup off this laughable excuse for a poster either…

So back to the question at hand – would Tomorrowland’s lineup fare any better than Secret Project in terms of originality? Er, that would be a no. Solomun, Seth Troxler, Rebekah, Claptone, Joris Voorn – once again, the story is that much of the lineup worships at the altar of business techno. The same altar that makes them all a lot of money, naturally.

Anyone going to all these festivals might feel like someone going to McDonald’s each day – one Big Mac is pleasant enough, but when you eat one every day, they quickly start to lose their appeal…

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