Travis Scott booked for Day N Vegas in September – so will there be any humility?

What would you do if you were facing numerous legal cases regarding an event where ten people died in a stampede and you were accused of antagonising the crowd at said event? Many a person would keep their head down, maintain a dignified silence and allow the legal process to come to a conclusion. But if your name is Travis Scott, it seems such rules don’t apply.

Ears To The House struggles to see how else to explain the news – first revealed by TMZ – that Scott has been booked to play at Day N Vegas on Sunday 4th September. Not only that, but he’s the headline for the day. Will he acknowledge the events at Astroworld on the day or tone down his act in any manner?

Let’s not forget what kind of man Scott is. In 2015, he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after inciting concertgoers to ignore security and rush towards the stage. Later in the same year, he encouraged a crowd to attack a man who took his shoe whilst he was crowd surfing – repeatedly telling the crowd to “f*** him up”.

A fan of his was left paralysed in 2017. The fan in question sued Scott after he fell from a balcony at Terminal 5 in Manhattan – blaming the fall on a crowd surge. In 2019, three people were trampled and injured in a crowd surge at Astroworld. Another crowd surge in 2021 at the same venue saw ten people die and hundreds of injuries.

His own record shows a man with a highly questionable record when it comes to respecting crowd safety at venues. Are Day N Vegas simply not aware of his past, or do they simply not care? It’s a question which Ears To The House has posed to the event – we’ll let you know if they ever reply…

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