How to fail at clarifying your position, by Berlin’s KitKatClub…

Berlin’s KitKatClub has quite the story behind it. It opened in the spring of 1994 and was the brainchild of an Austrian pornographic filmmaker called Simon Thaur and his partner Kirsten Krüger. And for many years, it was associated just as much with sex parties as music.

These days, the sexual proclivities of those in attendance is emphasised a lot less than it used to be – stories such as this presumably being the reason why. And with the ongoing monkeypox outbreak across Europe said to be caused by clubbers engaging in sexually risky behaviour, that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

So the focus is on the music and the people being booked to play. Captain Future’s booking didn’t go too well after it was announced and ended up being cancelled. No one comes out of the episode well – especially not the man himself. During the pandemic, KitKatClub become a vaccine clinic – distributing the same Covid-19 vaccines which Future himself campaigned against.

Since then, a few questions have been sent in the direction of KitKatClub. We know this because they’ve published this statement – but they haven’t exactly thought it through…

If we’re reading this correctly, the club has always had a policy where they don’t get involved in the bookings of external organisers – and despite this incident, they won’t be changing the policy. But they are going to speak to all their external organisers to ensure they don’t book anyone whom might bring adverse publicity on the club. Thus therefore getting involved in the bookings of external organisers, just like they said they wouldn’t do.

Yep, nothing confusing about that…

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