Derrick May to appear in Georgia – and we don’t mean the state!

Before we get down to the matter at hand, we have a quick update for you on Derrick May’s forthcoming appearance at Futur Festival. Following online anger at the news since it was revealed by Ears To The House last Wednesday, our sources are telling us it’s increasingly likely May’s appearance will be cancelled. An official announcement of such is almost certainly out of the question – but rest assured we’re watching developments closely.

Right, back to the business of this particular post, which is also about Derrick May. Now, we have to admit to being somewhat surprised by this development – he’s not only got himself a gig, but it’s a gig in Georgia, of all places. Except it’s not the state of Georgia in the USA we’re talking about here.

No, it’s in the country of Georgia. If you’re looking on a map, it’s sandwiched between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The local currency is the lira, the capital city is Tbilisi and around 20% of the country has been occupied by the Russians since 2008.

It’s also where Derrick May is due to make an appearance on June 17th at the Museum Club in the capital city. And guess who’s promoting the event on their website? Yes, it’s none other than Resident Advisor. Quite what Annabel Ross – who wrote the two Derrick May exposés for them – would make of this remains to be seen.

The club boasts proudly on their Instagram page about his appearance, describing him as a “Detroit-based legendary performer”. Unsurprisingly, details of more recent events aren’t mentioned…

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