Ash Lauryn’s looking to get high – over social media…

Many of the big name DJs aren’t known for their sense of self-awareness – hence why they post photos of themselves sipping expensive champagne on private jets whilst the world around them goes through a cost of living crisis. And in some cases, it’s not even particularly clear what the big name DJs are known for in the first place.

One person who very much has her eye on reaching those high echelons is Detroit’s Ash Lauryn. The mysteriously rising star has been making moves for the past few years and 2022 looks set to be her busiest year yet. Even the cash machine that is Defected is backing her.

Some time ago, Lauryn blocked this site’s Twitter account on the very spurious grounds we were telling “lies” about her – whilst also failing to point out a single one of these alleged inaccuracies. Naturally, this hasn’t stopped us keeping watch of her rise to fame – and last Friday, she was in Albania for a party.

But it appears Lauryn had her mind on more than just her DJ set – curious given a reliable source told Ears To The House that her fee was in the high four figure range for the gig. It seems she wanted to get high – and we know this, because she not only mentioned it on Twitter…

…she also mentioned it on Instagram!

If Lauryn is to get to the heights she aspires in her career, she’s going to have to do some research. Cannabis is illegal in Albania, but widely cultivated – like it is in several other former Soviet countries. The government is exploring the possibility of legalising medicinal use, but not recreational.

Either way, posting about it on her social media platforms isn’t the smartest move. She could have just asked any of the other DJs on the same lineup as her – Ears To The House knows of at least one who was a regular user…

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