British MDMA now has actual MDMA in it shocker!

The headline above might seem a tad ridiculous, on the face of it – so let us explain. Last Wednesday, Ears To The House reported on how British drugs harm reduction charity The Loop were due to attend Parklife at the weekend to give a closer inspection to MDMA pills.

This is all part of ongoing research – last year, they discovered an astonishing 45% of all the MDMA they tested actually contained no MDMA. Which undoubtedly left a lot of people wondering what the hell they were actually taking, and left questions as to why this had happened.

Brexit was cited as a factor by the dance music press, due to the fact this Europe wide problem appeared to be particularly bad in Britain – but due to the fact these drugs are illegal, it’s virtually impossible to know the true extent of the problem. Hence why The Loop were back this weekend – and are due to attend at least eight festivals over the next few months.

And what did they find? The finer details aren’t yet available, but the preliminary results are in…

If this trend is replicated elsewhere, it would suggest things are returning to a more normal pattern in the drugs trade – but Ears To The House would just one question in response to this. If you were to discover that 11% of milk bottles contained no milk, would you still buy it? Or any other food for that matter?

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