Is Defected’s Sondela finally receiving some TLC from its owners?

These are interesting times at Defected. The events side is now in full swing again, new events are being added onto the schedule regularly, the labels all have a pretty consistent release schedule and Simon Dunmore seems quite chipper in demeanour – except when two names from Chicago are involved, but that’s another matter.

Defected also seem to have decided it’s time to do something with Sondela, a label which they launched during the pandemic on a more afro-house tip. And given the label was run by Sef Kombo and Louie Dunmore – yes, that one of the boss’s sons – there were suspicions from the beginning that the label was just an attempt to cash in on a growing market.

And what better idea for what is now fundamentally an events company with a record label attached than, well, an event? Every Monday from July 4th to August 29th, Sondela is running free parties at Bora Bora Beach Club in Ibiza. As of yet unannounced guest DJs will play alongside residents Louie Dunmore, Sef Kombo and Kitty Amor.

But why no charge? The answer can potentially be found in recent comments Dunmore made in the Business Keeps On Dancing podcast where he talks about the importance of community – his logic appears to be build the community and the money will come along later. It’s worked for him before…

The question of how much time and commitment Defected will put into its fledgling Sondela brand could soon have a more definitive answer…

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