Carl Craig: yet another one who can’t take any criticism!

We shouldn’t be surprised with this by now, but we’re always being astonished at Ears To The House with just how thin-skinned some of the dance music world’s favourite DJs and producers really are. And one of those who is “feeling so butthurt right now” – as one of our stateside sources eloquently put it – is Carl Craig, 52, of Detroit.

Back on Tuesday, we posted an article calling out Carl Craig and Alexander Omar Smith for posting a tasteless meme attacking Annabel Ross – one of two journalists who brought the allegations of sexual assault surrounding Derrick May into the mainstream press. We’ve had a few people getting in touch since, unsurprisingly – almost all were glad we called out the duo.

One person did inbox us, however, to ask why we posted this after Annabel Ross labelled our editor a “misogynist” last year. The answer is simple – whilst this site doesn’t see eye to eye with Ross on many things, a line was crossed when Craig and Smith posted a meme attacking a journalist whom they think has treated their friend unfairly.

This is, quite literally, an attack on legitimate journalism. This is an attempt to bully, harass and intimidate a journalist. It simply cannot be allowed to stand – and the two men’s refusal to apologise for what they have done shames them. What must the many women who love house and techno from Detroit think when they see the alleged figureheads of the scene behaving in this misogynistic, bullying manner?

In any other line of work, Craig and Smith would be lucky to still have a job after pulling such a brazen, shameful stunt. Readers can draw their own conclusions as to why…

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