Danny Rampling’s made a new record – and it’s not as bad as we expected…

Whilst it’s inaccurate to describe the pandemic as being over – with some 715,000 new cases being confirmed worldwide on Wednesday – there are far fewer restrictions in place than there used to be. Hence why the okay-ish curmudgeonly DJ Danny Rampling doesn’t have as much to complain about as he used to.

And his belief that blocking the Ears To The House Instagram page prevents us from following his activities is sorely mistaken – something he only did after we published a post regarding comments being made by his friends on his, ahem, appetite. Posts in recent weeks have him ranting about various things from social credit ratings, digital currency and how brilliant the latest rare gig in his diary was.

Instead, Rampling has decided to make a new record. Not particularly fresh from moderate success with the 1993 release “I Am The Music, Hear Me”, a song memorable solely for being forgettable, he’s decided to have another go. His new effort is with Mark Wilkinson – formerly a DJ, now a life coach – and multi-instrumentalist Michele Chiavarini and goes by the name of “Raise The Vibration”.

Our considered, collective view at Ears To The House HQ was that the song is actually not as bad as we expected. It was worse. Considerably worse. The music itself is decent enough – although it’s certainly no contender for song of the year. The exact extent of Rampling’s contribution to the production is unclear, but we do know he provided the vocals.

In keeping with his social media persona, Rampling uses words which sound important but once broken down leave little impression. An instrumental version is sadly not provided with the release, nor are Fire Island’s Pete Heller and Terry Farley providing a remix this time which saves it from being a complete turd…

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