Nervous went to the DJ Mag North America awards – and kept their clothes on!

Those of you who have been readers since the early days will know we take issue with the way New York based Nervous Records advertise themselves online. Our main gripe is that scantily clad ladies almost wearing Nervous branded merchandise doesn’t do their clothes any favours – then again, nor does it when the boss himself wears them.

But there are things about Nervous Records that we do actually like at Ears To The House. For example, there’s the fact the label has a more diverse release schedule than most in house music. They also seem more willing in our eyes to take a chance on records – a very refreshing trait in an incredibly risk-averse climate. None of that means letting the dodgy adverts slide, though.

Anyway, Nervous were at DJ Mag’s Best of North America Awards yesterday – partly because they could, and partly because a closely associated artist was up for an award. None other than Louie Vega, in fact – who recently released the most star-studded album house music has seen in years.

His single “All My Love”, featuring Swedish singer Robyn, won in the Best Track category. And here’s Vega posing with his tiny award – could you not have got them in a bigger size, DJ Mag? – along with Nervous boss Mike Weiss…

An award well deserved, certainly. But curiously, there was no sign of the Nervous models which usually go with Weiss to these events. So where were they? One of our sources in New York reliably informs us it was because of “capacity restrictions” and that “tickets were free but numbers had to be capped, I think it was just because it was being held midweek”.

We suspect they’ll resurface soon enough…

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