Guy Gerber starts a new residency in Ibiza – but he doesn’t want to discuss it…

When DJs start a new residency somewhere these days, they’re encouraged to spread the word. This usually means telling their followers by frequently mentioning it on social media, perhaps doing some press interviews – maybe even responding to some people leaving comments on the aforementioned social media. The state of change in how these things are advertised is palpable.

Certainly, it’s no exaggeration to say they are prompted to keep no distance from their fans. It’s all designed to create engagement and interest in an event – and engagement on posts also helps out with the algorithms that dictate so much about our lives online. All those people who see those posts are potential customers – and empty shows are ultimately unfulfilled shows.

Occasionally however, there are instances where these things don’t happen – a bit like when you end up in a sea of sand. And this weekend, that’s precisely what happened for Guy Avraham Gerber. Born in 1974 in Israel, the man who doesn’t use his middle name for DJing purposes has been a firm favourite in the underground techno scene for a long time.

Indeed, Ears To The House understands he’s been a DJ for some two decades now – but it appears he still has a thing or two to learn about the social media world. For example, he started a summer stint last night at Mirror Games in Club Chinois in Ibiza – a club which only seems to have opened on the island recently.

From June 19th to October 9th, Gerber is hosting the event as well as playing it. And not only that, but he’ll be inviting his friends to join him each Sunday evening – last night, he appeared with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Yet if you go to Gerber’s socials, he seems to have had trouble working out exactly what to do.

For instance, he posted about his Mirror Games event, but is committing the cardinal sin of not engaging with comments. Not only that, but Gerber has taken the decision to actually limit who can comment across much of his online presence – a device traditionally reserved in the DJ world for those who are subject to some kind of ongoing controversy.

The timing of this choice not to talk to the fans is unusual – and they’ve already started to feel a sense of disorientation over it. Gerber might wish to learn some lessons, and quickly – if he doesn’t, the aforementioned algorithm might decide he’s a persona non grata and he’ll have to pay the price of many Turkish Delights in advertising to be seen by anyone…

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