Kevin Saunderson doesn’t want to be pictured with Derrick May anymore…

Are the so-called Belleville Three starting to realise that their mostly mythical story – you know, the one about three poor black young men coming together to change the world with their music – is falling apart at the seams? Ears To The House has been pondering this question over the weekend and is beginning to see evidence that they may well be.

If you believe this tall tale, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May are the three men responsible for the whole development of techno – Atkins himself has even previously made the ridiculous claim that techno originates entirely with him. Other people in the scene aren’t as important and are simply jealous that they didn’t achieve what Saunderson, Atkins and May supposedly did first.

The story is, of course, complete nonsense. Even the recent God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines documentary made some attempt at acknowledging the role of others in Detroit techno’s history – and is this something Kevin Saunderson has noticed? We only ask because on Saturday, he posted this on his socials…

How strange. Just a few weeks ago, he was eager to be photographed with Derrick May – a man plagued by allegations of sexual assault and rape. Yet Saunderson didn’t post a single word in defence of his friend at the time, and hasn’t referenced him anywhere since.

And just as online outlets such as Ears To The House are keeping Detroit techno firmly under the microscope, Saunderson just happens to post a photograph of himself with Blake Baxter – a man whose contribution to techno is sizeable and hugely underestimated. Sadly, none of our Detroit sources were a fly on the wall to this conversation – so the topic of their chat will probably never be known.

It’s awfully strange that Derrick May’s biggest defenders in Detroit mysteriously refuse to be pictured with him at the moment. You’d almost think their private words didn’t match their public actions, wouldn’t you?

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