Adele falls out of album chart top 75 – please don’t jump on the house bandwagon…

One of the almost completely unreported stories Ears To The House came across over the weekend was one about Adele’s most recent album falling out of the album chart top 75 recently – after no less than 30 weeks inside it. Whilst 30 weeks is an exceptional achievement in the streaming age, her album 21 spent a mind-blowing 126 weeks before suffering the same fate.

Now, we don’t have much against Adele. Yes, her music has the ability to make us all fall asleep – not good when there are constant deadlines to meet – but anyone who can repackage the same stuff over and over again and get people to keep buying into it must be doing something right. But why are we talking about it on a dance music website?

Well, Ears To The House likes to keep an eye on what’s going on elsewhere, because much of this has an effect on house music somewhere down the line. And depressingly, house music is where this might be leading to – given pop music’s current penchant for embracing the genre the rest of us have loved for decades.

Adele and house music have met before, of course – her 2008 release “Cold Shoulder” was remixed by Basement Jaxx and Out Of Office, an electro-house alias of long-time producer Michael Woods. Still, at least Adele can sing – unlike the auto tuned to within an inch of his life Drake.

And for those of you out there undecided on this debate, here’s a very different perspective we found from Jesse Saunders, one of the house music originators from the 1980s…

We tell you what we think, you make your own minds up…

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