Here’s One They Made Earlier: 27th June 2022

This column is not just about highlighting the best moments from decades ago. We at Ears To The House firmly believe that great music is great music – and exactly when it was released is frankly irrelevant. This particular song first emerged last year and has been a favourite ever since.

Lydia Rhodes is a massively underrated singer who’s been in the house music world for over 30 years. She also works as a musician, a songwriter and a producer – her first credit on Discogs was “DJ Give Me That Funky Bass”, a production with Junior Vasquez released in 1990.

Her most recent release is something a little more sophisticated, with a number of producers in the house music world being asked to remix it – such as talented South African duo SoulLab last year. But our favourite has to be this reinterpretation by Brooklyn’s Brian Burnside – for us, it harks back a little to days gone by whilst also sounding a bit more modern too…

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