Why isn’t the dance press reporting Guy Gerber rape claims?

Last Tuesday, Ears To The House reported on the news that Mavi De Mars had written posts on social media accusing the Israeli-American DJ Guy Gerber of rape in 2013. We reported a little on the detail of the allegations, as well as strongly emphasising that Gerber denied the allegation.

We also published an article last Friday reporting that his events at Mirror Games and Rumors had been suspended until the matter was resolved. However, readers of some of the large dance music publications will remain blissfully unaware of the claims – for the likes of Resident Advisor, Mixmag and DJ Mag have not covered this story at all. And we can’t help but wonder why.

Without going into too much detail about our internal editorial process, Ears To The House first became aware of this story on the morning of Sunday 19th June. We read the post by Mavi De Mars thoroughly and made the assessment we could not publish this story without a response from Gerber himself. On the Sunday, we attempted to contact Rumors, Mirror Games, Guy Gerber himself and his management at Three Six Zero – none responded to our queries for comment.

Gerber issued a statement on his socials two days later – at which point, we made the decision to publish. Throughout, we have kept our reporting strictly to factual matters already in the public domain – and have had little difficulty doing so. But the dance music press have reported nothing at all. Which just raises the question – why?

A source close to one of the dance press outlets – they have barred us from revealing which one as a condition of speaking to us – says fear of breaching libel laws appears to be one issue keeping this story out of the press. They also said “As far as I know, there’s no injunction or any legal order stopping this from being reported, but the atmosphere over this story is just so strange. It’s been discussed, but nothing seems to have happened. I just don’t understand quite what’s keeping them from publishing the story.”.

Turns out they’re none the wiser why they’re not reporting it, either…

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