Any reason you’re not sharing this photo, Carl?

When it comes to the debate over occasional Detroit DJ Derrick May, his friend Carl Craig has made his position very, very clear. He’s firmly on the side of his friend – a position Ears To The House considers unworthy, but one which Craig is perfectly entitled to take. Given Carl Craig owes much of his career to May, his position isn’t as selfless as it first looks, of course.

However, this support only seems to come out at certain times – and we can’t help but wonder why. You don’t have to look far to start finding answers to this question – despite the fact Hagi Craig manages both Carl Craig and Derrick May, the website for Detroit Premiere Artists makes no mention of May anywhere. Quite what the likes of Sébastien Léger, Timo Maas and Tiefschwarz makes of this is anyone’s guess.

Carl Craig also seems to have a curious definition of friendship – indeed, you’ll struggle to find any mention of May at all on his social media pages. The last time he posted anything referring to him on Instagram, for example, was 10th September 2020. This was around the time Derrick May found out two British media outlets were about to publish articles by Annabel Ross and Ellie Flynn accusing him of multiple counts of sexual assault and rape.

What’s the reason for Craig not supporting his friend more openly? According to a Detroit source, it’s money – “Carl is associated with a number of brands, such as Defected – and the last thing they want is heat because one of the people they work with associates with an alleged sexual predator”. In reality, however, the two men remain friends – and Ears To The House can reveal they’ve been in Europe together over much of the past week.

Carl Craig performed at Kappa Futur Festival last night and is due at another Italian venue tonight, whilst May was at Undermoon Festival on Tuesday – but his scheduled performance at Futur was subsequently cancelled. Craig actually went with May to Undermoon Festival, and the two men were pictured together along with their events organiser Emma Mgra – and May shared his own picture…

Carl Craig briefly shared May’s picture on his own stories – but yet again, nothing appears on the main Instagram page nor anywhere else. Craig’s definition of “support” for his “Detroit bro” seems more and more hollow by the day…

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