So who got Derrick May cancelled at Futur?

A few weeks ago, Ears To The House wrote all about the various goings-on between Carl Craig and Annabel Ross. We broke the initial story about the disgusting meme that Craig and his friend Alexander Omar Smith shared on social media and made our disapproval very clear – both men are yet to explain why they did what they did, let alone apologise.

When the dance music press finally caught up with the story, their sole – and brief – focus appeared to be on one aspect of a blog post by Annabel Ross herself on the subject. She alleged she had been banned from reviewing Movement Detroit for Mixmag after Carl Craig personally intervened – a story which has yet to be denied by anyone involved.

Even a query by this site to Sam Fotias, Paxahau and Movement’s Director of Operations failed to squeeze out a denial. Sources in Detroit have told Ears To The House that Craig is telling friends “there’s more than one side to this story” – but didn’t provide any further details when pressed.

Now, you might be wondering why we’re pointing all this out. Well, it seems the same tactics were used to cancel Derrick May’s appearance at Futur Festival in Italy over the weekend. We can confirm at least two different DJs delivered similar ultimatums to Futur management – and we strongly suspect a third also made representations on the topic.

And whilst on the subject of Futur Festival, Ears To The House has discovered that Derrick May is currently following Carl Craig around on his tour of Europe. Indeed, May was on stage with Craig during his set on Saturday night – and although May deliberately stayed out of shot in footage taken for official channels, Craig invited him up as one of his guests.

In the early 90s when Craig was starting out in the industry, it’s understood he occasionally carried May’s crate of vinyl into venues. It seems the tables have turned – but at least May doesn’t have the accompanying back pain afterwards…

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