Danny Tenaglia plugs Heroes with his massive trunk

Whether they’re newer to the world they inhabit or have basically been there for all their adult lives, DJs in the higher echelons have – with a few honourable exceptions – one thing in common. And this is that they’re very poor at understanding how their own actions and words can be perceived by others. An inevitable consequence of living in a world where you’re never told no, perhaps.

This is why DJs occasionally end up really doing stupid things, and act surprised when someone comes along and points out they’re doing something stupid. Hence why at the start of the pandemic, Tour Managers Not Touring got the support of DJs but short shrift from dance music fans. Or when they decide to stage an event in New York called Heroes, and subsequently fail to realise the name is a tad insensitive.

This lack of understanding how others see them can also have humourous consequences. Such as when Danny Tenaglia decides to do a promotional video for the aforementioned Heroes NYC event. Consensus at Ears To The House HQ is this was filmed in his loft – but has anyone else noticed the literal elephant in the room?

We have to admit that Tenaglia communicates his message well here – and showcasing the acetate is an interesting touch. Remember there are many raised in this digital age who will have been unfamiliar with these – this will certainly make the video a little more memorable than the rest.

However, all this is somewhat overshadowed by the presence of a large elephant in the background, proudly displaying his trunk. We found it rather distracting, to say the least – and whilst Tenaglia no doubt wants to leave us with a gargantuan impression, it just leaves us remembering the video for all the wrong reasons.

Let’s just hope no PR company was. involved in its production – otherwise, there could be a few more jokes about trunks on the way…

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