A New York DJ is complaining he has fewer gigs these days…

DJs complaining about things is nothing new. Whether it’s whining about missing their flights at airports, moaning they haven’t slept in three days or just bleating on about the lack of satisfactory drugs on their riders, they’re not doing anything which hasn’t happened already over the past several decades. But one particular DJ has a grumble of a different kind.

Ears To The House has decided not to reveal who this DJ is – mostly because it’ll probably annoy him even further by us not doing so. All we can say is that this is a man who has been on the circuit for a number of years, and has DJed all over the world – but he hasn’t been best pleased since the phone started ringing again after pandemic restrictions began easing.

He’s told a number of his friends that he just doesn’t have as many gigs as he used to – and worse, an increasing number of the ones he does seem to have are classics nights. Which is something of a problem for the DJ. Although he does have a pretty sizable archive of classic songs and remixes, he doesn’t play them very often. Not only that – but he’s on record as slagging off classics nights just a few years ago.

And his agent’s response when he was berated for failing to get him better gigs? Apparently, it’s “the way of the world when you get old”. Let’s just say there were a lot of obscenities in the DJ’s reply…

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