Nervous Records are at their old tricks again…

You can always trust New York based Nervous Records to keep us busy on a Friday afternoon – don’t these guys realise that even we at Ears To The House like to have at least some time off over the weekend? And disappointingly, it’s almost never the music they release which becomes the talking point.

No, it’s the endless insistence at the Nervous advertising department that all the ads on social media must look like something out of a cheap 1970s magazine. We have no issue with using models to pose with merchandise and clothing – not least because label boss Mike Weiss is pretty bad at it – but at least get them to wear the clothes.

Yesterday, they were up to their old tricks again with this image…

We at Ears To The House HQ are convinced Nervous are doing one of two things here. They’re either deliberately making these rubbish adverts so as to annoy us and ironically get more publicity, or they genuinely don’t see just how utterly bad the advertising really is. Answers on a postcard, please – because we’re pretty divided on which one it is.

Still, thank heavens for small mercies. At least it hasn’t got Danny Tenaglia and his massive trunk in it…

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