Human Diazepam: the internet’s verdict on Solomun

Fans of social media might remember a few years ago when Rate My Plate launched on Facebook. The premise of the page was simple – followers would submit pictures of their own cooking for critique by the online community. This critique was usually of a brutal variety.

Ears To The House is beginning to wonder if there might be a demand for a similar service dedicated to showcasing DJs when they play. Because let’s face it, most footage of DJs playing music is mind-numbingly dull – and by the looks of a recent thread on the Techno Live Sets page, this service might already have customers waiting to get started!

A few days ago, they posted footage of Solomun playing something painfully dull. Anyone having endured any length of time listening to him play expects nothing else, of course – but when the first comment we stumbled across was a viewer inviting us to “treat” ourselves to the footage by watching “it without sound”, you know it’s going to be brutal.

One person responding to the page’s bizarre caption about the afterparty “looking so crazy” says “It’s boring as f*** and he looks like a geography teacher dad dancing. Solomun is human diazepam” – in a withering reference to medication used to treat insomnia.

Another responsed with “This guy needs more drugs and a better Pandora music collection” whilst another summed up what they’d seen by saying “Dull dull dull. Not techno. Not crazy. Just life sapping.” – and it doesn’t get any better over the 1100 comments currently on the thread…

Solomun reminds us at Ears To The House of Father Billy O’Dwyer, the DJ who once showed up in an episode of classic Irish comedy Father Ted with just one record. Unlike Solomun, however, his record was a good one…

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