Wednesday Whisper: 13th July 2022

Which American DJ is beginning to wonder whether he needs to make some changes to his lifestyle? An amusing story arrives in the Ears To The House inbox claiming that the DJ in question was recently invited to a birthday party – nothing unusual for a highly connected DJ of many years standing, you might think.

Slightly more unusual is the fact the invitation came from his pizza delivery driver. As we understand it, the man orders pizza from the same local pizzeria at least three times per week – and they’re usually delivered by the same person every time. Such is his preference for this driver that he expresses sadness to his visiting friends on the rare occasions a different driver shows up.

Friends remain puzzled as to how the DJ doesn’t seem to have put any weight on, despite having been going through three takeaways per week since the first Covid lockdown over two years ago. Furthermore, the delivery driver and DJ have never got into any conversation about their lives – and the driver has no idea who the DJ really is.

Nonetheless, as nice as the DJ found receiving the invitation, he now appears to hesitate ever so slightly before pressing the “Submit order” button on his phone’s pizzeria app…

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