Is Carl Craig morphing into Derrick May?

We’re well aware at Ears To The House that it’s summer for much of the world right now – temperatures in Detroit today look set to reach 25°C. London looks set to get to 28°C, and much of Europe is baking comfortably in the thirties. It’s at times like this we’re glad our offices is anywhere we want it to be – garden with a cool drink relaxing in the shade included.

So it’s not exactly surprising that many people are adjusting what they’re wearing. Not many people, for example, will be seen wearing a large fleece coat in these temperatures. But not many people have actually taken to directly emulating the style of their own friend in response.

Which is where Carl Craig comes in. Now, Ears To The House is aware that Derrick May’s finances are not in great shape – probably not the most surprising revelation this site has ever brought you – but we’re wondering whether he recently sold some of his clothes to earn some money.

We only ask this question because at the weekend, Carl Craig was photographed wearing this…

In the past few weeks, he seems to have taken more and more to unbuttoning his tops and wearing the sort of shirts Derrick May wore for years. The reason May wore them, of course, is simple – anyone who has seen him DJ knows his style is fast and frenetic.

But Craig doesn’t traditionally move around as much, making looser clothing less of a necessity. So what’s behind all this? One Detroit source mentions Carl Craig “has become Derrick May’s rock. The two men have always been friends, but the friendship became deeper after Derrick ran into his problems two years ago. They’re managed by the same person and travel together a lot.”.

Infact, the phenomenon when two people start wearing the same or similar clothes has its own name – twinning. Is Carl Craig now spending so much time with Derrick May that he’s starting to even dress like his mentor? The jury isn’t exactly unanimous on this one – yet…

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