The Chainsmokers to DJ in space… but what about Kerri Chandler?

Most places on earth now appear to have been blessed – or is that blighted? – by the presence of a DJ. Even the snowy summits of Mount Everest have witnessed those largely overpaid knob botherers playing bad records and looking a little too smug whilst doing it. So where are they going to go next?

Space is the answer, of course. The first DJ set on the moon is probably only a few years away, and the first DJ set on the planet Mars soon after that. For which us humans can only apologise profusely in advance to any aliens who could have their ears cruelly assaulted in the process.

The only question which remains is who will be the lucky or unlucky person sent up there to play? Well, it’s going to be The Chainsmokers, apparently – space tourism company World View are going to stick the duo inside a capsule tethered to a balloon flying some 20 miles above the earth.

Mixmag suggested in their article on this subject that “We’re guessing Jeff Mills – whose music has often included a space-themed element – wasn’t available”. Well, with all due respect to Mixmag – which is very little, really – Ears To The House has a better suggestion on who else could be sent instead.

Yes, that’s right – step forward, Mr Kerri Chandler – a man whose music might actually have been broadcast in space before. As a member of the Advisory Council for METI International, he knows a thing or two about space – and his music has featured space themes in it, too.

Beam him up without further delay – and let’s hope the extra terrestrials like hard kick drums…

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