So where is the new “test venue” for ex-London club The Cause?

Oh we do love a mystery here at Ears To The House. Each time we hear about secret locations and illusive names, we show more interest than Scooby Doo in front of a box of Scooby snacks – and we don’t mean the type the Fun Lovin’ Criminals did in 1996 either.

Earlier this week, Mixmag published an article about The Cause – a London nightclub which closed in January amidst the backdrop of the drug related death of 21-year old Bill Hodgson. The team behind that are now trialling a new “test venue” and are going to hold events there for three months to see how they get on. It has the potential to become permanent if all goes well, we’ve been told.

The only snag? They’re not telling anyone where the site is – the Mixmag article claims it’s a “brutalist, industrial East London site” whilst also unhelpfully failing to point out where they obtained this information from. Were they given this description in a press release? Or is it their own description of the site? The second would suggest they are aware of the location.

It will only be revealed to those who purchase tickets, and even then, it’s not clear exactly when. Is it after they’ve got your money in their bank account? Is it disclosed just a few hours beforehand, harnessing the spirit of illegal 1980s rave? Or is it something in the middle? Once again, Possibly Maybe are saying nothing.

Could it possibly be the site of what was meant to become Ernie’s Yard? Based in Newham in east London, it was publicised in March 2021 with a view to opening during the summer on the easing of pandemic restrictions. But it never did – with a source telling Ears To The House at the time that they’d discovered “several unexpected and sizeable problems with the site”. Is it possible those issues have now been fixed – or is this an entirely new site?

Only time will tell…

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