Have Defected sold those Todd Edwards shirts yet? Let’s see…

Longer time readers might remember an article we ran on 26th May last year all about a “limited edition” range of “Jesus Loves UK Garage” shirts available from Defected. The shirts’ slogan refers to Todd Edwards’s first ever gig in Britain in 2003 – where he wore a shirt saying exactly this.

What we were told at the time was very clear. Defected had ordered a limited number of these T-shirts to be made and promoted alongside a double CD compilation full of old Todd Edwards tracks and remixes. So when someone describes an item as “limited edition”, Ears To The House doesn’t think it’s unreasonable to see a day when they’re no longer available.

Such was Defected’s inability to get rid of these shirts from their warehouses that we began to suspect they were, in fact, cursed – with a reader under the impression that “Todd Edwards has somehow annoyed the spirits of the area’s [Shoreditch, where Defected HQ is] past”. But it now turns out the truth is even more bizarre than we expected…

They’ve had them restocked! Yet the description underneath the item – which somehow managed to misspell the word “Masters” – says “To celebrate the launch of House Maters Todd Edwards, DStore exclusively launch a limited edition run of Todd’s iconic ‘Jesus Loves UK Garage’ tshirts”.

It appears Defected are now on a mission to change the meaning of “limited edition” to “can be sold forever and quantities produced increased whenever we feel like it”. Our advice? Just go to Hotscamp and you can get exactly the same T-shirt for significantly less – and you can even get it on a vest for a baby…

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