Danny Rampling’s latest bugbear? Drag queens…

The pandemic was a chance for Danny Rampling to show the world how principled he was – firstly by telling us how those who disobeyed coronavirus restrictions were “a danger to us all”, then by going on anti-lockdown protests against those same restrictions he previously favoured. Consistent, he certainly was not.

Of course, there was always a question over what Rampling was going to do once those restrictions were lifted – which they were always going to be eventually. Would he keep banging the same drum, would he find a new topic to get gammon-faced about, or would he just go back to work? The answer appears to be to try and do all three at once.

Only this week, Rampling was getting angry online about “the schools bill”. The bill is designed to help more schools in England – education is a devolved matter in the UK – become academies and would allow for the creation of a register of children not in school. There are also measures cracking down on unregistered schools.

Rampling is very annoyed about this – yet whilst his belief in home education is very sincerely held, he refuses to reveal how exactly his own children were educated nor when he became such a believer in it. Then again, perhaps he has HOPE Sussex in mind – who believe state schools indoctrinate children and who also just happening to be providing him with a gig next weekend.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Danny Rampling without trying to bring in issues unrelated to the bill. He mentions a parade which took place in London yesterday campaigning against the “sexualisation of children, inappropriate education in schools… ‘drag queen story hour’ in libraries across the UK” and apparent plans to “continue ‘vaccinating’ children with the COVID Jab from an even younger age as recently approved by the FDA in the US from six months, soon to come to the UK”.

Rampling fails to mention the Covid jabs for children aren’t the same as those given to adults – and “drag queen story hour” appears to be a reference to a controversial US phenomenon with a very limited presence in Britain. Protesters in the USA on the subject engage in shouting homphobic and transphobic slurs – which would seem very much at odds with Rampling’s view of the world.

Let’s just hope Rampling doesn’t encounter any drag queens promoting the Covid jab anytime soon – it just might set him over the edge…

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