International dates are off the menu for DJ Sneak!

DJ Sneak has always been the kind of man who likes to do things his own way. This occasionally gets him into trouble – such as his vow to remove his music from Traxsource and other digital stores – but it’s also this mentality which means we do actually quite like him at Ears To The House.

Over the past few years, Sneak – real name Carlos Sosa – has changed the way he’s been running his career. As we revealed in August last year, the man himself had cancelled all his remaining gigs for the year outside of California, where he lives. The story turned out to be accurate, with the exception of one or two gigs outside the state still being honoured.

Rumours started reaching us last week that Sneak has now decided to stop doing any shows outside of the USA, along with various claims as to why. Having checked with a number of sources, Ears To The House can now confirm the story is true – Sneak will not be doing any shows outside of the States for at least the foreseeable future.

And according to a source closely associated with the man himself, the reason for only doing domestic shows is simpler – time and money. He said “Carlos has realised over the past two years he has a much better work-life balance now. His streams on a Friday night can be done from his house or anywhere. He’s also realised just how much he loves being surrounded by family, something he can do more now.”

“Not to put too fine a point on it, but he’s also doing quite well financially. If something comes up within the US and the money’s right, he’d do it, no question. But I honestly don’t think he’d leave the country right now unless the money offered was off the scale. He definitely doesn’t miss travelling through airports, especially with how things are in aviation now.”.

We’re also told that he has a pretty lucrative deal with Monad Social – which certainly won’t do any harm…

Apologies for the delay in publishing our review of the second episode of Techno: A Social History – it will appear tomorrow…

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