Raves are back in Ukraine – just don’t expect all nighters…

One day, politicians will eventually learn that ravers cannot be stopped – only paused. This was shown clearly during the pandemic, when legal clubs in much of the world were closed by government orders. In truth, the raves only stopped for a short amount of time.

Plague raves became a thing within weeks – possibly even days – of Covid lockdowns being announced. Ears To The House covered the subject extensively since we launched under our original name last year. So if a global pandemic could not ultimately stop some people’s desire to rave regardless of potential cost, what could?

Well, it turns out not even the war in Ukraine could stop them. As the New York Times reported yesterday, nightlife in the capital city of Kyiv is starting to come back – although with a few caveats. For example, a curfew exists in Ukraine where everyone must be indoors by 11pm. Punishments vary from fines to being conscripted into the military to fight.

This means events must finish no later than 10pm. And do they complain about this? Of course they don’t – they accept the reality and simply start the party earlier in the afternoon. Everyone also accepts it’s more than a little strange raving whilst a war is going on – yet they will gladly accept the chance to escape their worries for a few hours.

Some of them are also being held for arguably more selfless reasons – “clean up raves” are where volunteers come along to tidy up sites previously bombed or attacked by Russian forces, with DJs playing music to help motivate them. A project coming in the near future will involve constructing twelve new homes for people whose houses were destroyed during the war.

Now, please explain to us what part of raving and dance music isn’t political. We’ll wait…

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