So why did “human Diazepam” Solomun not play Tomorrowland?

We’re not particularly fans of Solomun here at Ears To The House, and we don’t really mind who knows it. Our opinion is that like many of those in the higher echelons of dance music today, he plays boring music and makes boring music – and it’s not just us who thinks it.

Last week, we published an article all about the feedback he received when Facebook page Techno Live Sets posted a video of the man himself DJing. The replies were brutal – and probably the harshest of all was “It’s boring as f*** and he looks like a geography teacher dad dancing. Solomun is human diazepam”. In case you’re wondering, diazepam is a medication used to treat insomnia…

Well, Solomun was meant to play at Tomorrowland last week – this year’s event features around 76,000 DJs and is being held over every weekend for the next three years, such is its gargantuan size. But in the end, Solomun didn’t show up – helping the organisers to only have to squeeze the remaining 75,999 DJs on stage instead.

But why wasn’t he there? Posting on Instagram Stories, he wrote this…

“After the two year hiatus I was really looking forward to this year’s edition of Tomorrowland, but there had been complications with the mutual planning, which unfortunately made it impossible for me to perform. The coordination of such a huge event is of course never easy, but I couldn’t imagine that it would be me who is affected by this. What I wish for most now is that all of you have a great experience with all the other artists playing at the festival!”

Complications with the mutual planning? What does that mean, exactly? Online chatter seems to think this was a coded way of Solomun saying Tomorrowland wasn’t offering him enough money – but we have no idea whether this is true. But this is supposedly not the first time in which Mr Diazepam has pulled out of a big show recently.

He was due to appear at Glastonbury back on June 23rd, but never showed. A version of his touring poster – which was still online at the time of publication – claimed he was on the lineup. As far as we can establish, no explanation for his absence was ever provided.

Whilst Ears To The House readily accepts that DJ schedules are subject to change, it seems terribly poor form to not even explain why you won’t be doing a show. And it doesn’t help when issuing hopelessly vague statements talking about “complications with the mutual planning”…

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