Playing vinyl on a smartphone? Yamaha are trolling us…

Well, there it is. The most ridiculous things we’ve seen all day – no, scratch that. The most ridiculous thing we’ve seen in months, and there’s no shortage of competition. This was the unanimous opinion of pretty much everyone at Ears To The House after stumbling across Yamaha’s latest expensive toy for pretentious types with more money than sense.

Indeed, when we first encountered it, we honestly had to check the date to make sure this wasn’t originally posted on April 1st. However, it wasn’t – and it does seem to be a genuine prototype from the Yamaha Design Laboratories. It’s all to do with the apparent vinyl revival of the past few years, mostly from people who seem to be convinced the past was better in almost every way.

Has the thought of using your smartphone like a turntable ever crossed your mind, dear readers? For all of us at HQ, the answer is a categorical no. But someone at Yamaha obviously feels differently…

At the possible risk of looking like technological Luddites, we think this is one of the most ridiculous things we’ve seen in years. People buy vinyl because of the feel they get from holding a physical product, because they believe having a copy they can hold is somehow better or because they can feel terribly smug about it.

How exactly is sticking a phone on something that looks like a cheap chopping board and putting a pretend needle on your screen going to replicate that in any way at all? Can someone please explain this to us? Because we really have no idea…

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