Victor Simonelli releases “Feels So Right” bundle – with only 34 mixes!

In September 2020, long-time house DJ and site favourite Victor Simonelli accomplished a rather large – literally so – dose of Traxsource history. The song “Why Can’t We See?” by Blind Truth and Tata Vega originally came out in 1991 – and as the owner of the rights, Simonelli decided to celebrate the occasion by compiling all the different versions onto one release.

When all the original mixes, remixes, re-edits, beats mixes and some tracks which apparently just sample the song were put together, it came up to a whopping 135 tracks. The release was given an official release date of 1st January 2021, but had a long promotional period on Traxsource ahead of this.

A source close to Traxsource told Ears To The House that when Simonelli initially submitted the release to Traxsource, it caused quite a stir. The site wasn’t built to handle releases with more than 50 tracks, so the tech people had to do some work to remedy the situation. But is this claim true?

According to Simonelli himself, it is. Our editor spoke to the man himself yesterday, and he said “Regarding ‘Why Can’t We See’ and Traxsource, yes, that is true. They were not set up to handle so many versions of one song on one release. Now they are!”.

We also asked him about his latest release – a package celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Feels So Right”, originally released in 1992. Starting out life as a B-side on an E-Legal release under the name of “Soulution”, the track gained a life of its own and a release in its own right – not to mention several remixes over the years.

Many of them are now available digitally for the first time – and in a nod to the vinyl era, Soulution is even credited. Was there much work involved in putting this together? Victor responded with “As best I can, I keep track of mixes (on file) as they are done, so it was not too hard getting all the ‘Feels So Right’ mixes together for the 30 year anniversary release. Being a DJ first is helpful.”.

Another nod to the past we’ve noticed – because we love this kind of attention to detail – is the cover for the 30th anniversary release looks suspiciously similar to the front of the vinyl on the 1996 Sound Proof Recordings release. Look at the pictures on Discogs and tell us we’re wrong…

You can check all 34 versions on Traxsource now.

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