Even Derrick May’s own fans are now trolling him…

Oh, what a time it isn’t to be Derrick May. The 59-year old occasional DJ from Detroit has found himself a lot less busy over the past two years, and not just because of Covid-19. The allegations of sexual assault and rape from numerous women will tend to have that effect, too.

For a man whose diary used to consist of a minimum of 200 gigs per year, it must be difficult to adapt to the change. And indeed we hear it is – one Detroit source recently summed things up by telling Ears To The House that “Derrick nowadays constantly looks like he hasn’t slept in a week” and has trouble paying for the expensive lifestyle he’s become accustomed to.

Could things get any worse? Well, yes. It’s now looking like his own fans have started to troll him. Recently, he posted a screenshot from a Rolling Stone article on their favourite 200 dance tracks of all time on his Instagram page. “Strings Of Life” – yes, it’s the one with Michael James’s chord progression on it – was at number 33 on their list.

Now, regular readers might have noticed May doesn’t talk a great deal about this record. Yes, he’s accepted on more than one occasion that he sampled a chord progression from Michael James and credited him as a writer on the release – but he’s never attempted to play the chord progression himself.

One person commented with “You should have the correct electric piano in your Ryder (sic) to play these keys in every one of your sets”…

Was this person trolling May? It’s hard to know for certain – but when other comments, such as one from another person asking “how does [this record] resonate with you?” go unanswered by the man himself, it does leave you wondering…

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