Is something fishy going on at Nervous Records?

Most record labels these days advertise themselves by telling you about the tracks they’re putting out or the events they’re running. Defected, for example, promote most of their music these days by having some third-rate tech-house DJ fiddling with his knobs and pretending to be excited at the drop – apparently unaware that watching DJs play is typically very boring.

Nervous does a little bit of this, too – but not as much. As a business, they probably push their merchandise more than Defected does. And they use some seriously dodgy, outdated 1970s style tactics to sell many of them. They once even featured a pig in their adverts – because that obviously makes sense…

But this latest one is either an attempt to troll their audience, or is just downright weird. Because amidst the photo of the Nervous model wearing a branded hoodie with bare legs – we’re still not sure in what part of New York this is a thing – was something strange. Can you see it?

If you haven’t, the lady appears to be wearing underwear with a fish on the front of it. Now what joke exactly ARE you trying to hint at here, Nervous Records?

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