The world needs another Deep Inside remix – so say Strictly…

Dance music has a truly incredible ability to cannibalise itself, doesn’t it? In every other music scene, it’s a regular supply of new music which keeps things going – but in the world of dance music, there’s an insistence on constantly recycling certain records. The likes of “Show Me Love” by Robin S or “Plastic Dreams” by Jaydee are deep in this category.

And another one which isn’t far behind is “Deep Inside” by Hardrive. This was a project with a certain Luis Fernando Vager behind it – otherwise known as the prolific Louie Vega. The track came out on Strictly Rhythm in 1993 and features a sample of Barbara Tucker singing “Deep, deep inside, deep, deep down inside” on a loop.

Is the original a decent tune? Ears To The House thinks so – but in recent years, it’s fallen victim to the pointless remix trend. Low Steppa, Harry Romero, Jesse Rose, Shadow Child and Mr V are amongst those who have stepped up to have a try. And now, we have a new contender in this bizarre race.

Step forward, Todd Edwards – a man who seems a curiously appropriate choice to remix the song. You see, he was around 30 years ago and came up with an admittedly distinctive sound. He then went away for a while, worked with Daft Punk for a bit, then the “please can you do us a remix like you’d make back in 1995 for lots of money” calls started to come in.

The result? If the drum programming on this was a little more lively, you could be half forgiven it came out with the original release…

Now, is there any chance Strictly Rhythm can come out with something new? The label – now owned by BMG – haven’t put out anything noteworthy for at least several years, whereas they used to do it several times each year back in the 90s. And no, remixing your own archive doesn’t count…

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