Was Elon Musk turned away from Berghain at the weekend?

Berghain holds a particularly curious place in dance music folklore. Partly because no one knows exactly what goes on within the building and those who do tend to be closely guarded on the subject, and partly because of their policy of refusing entry to most of those wanting to get in.

The dance music press are reverential towards the club, even by their abysmal standards. This is unsurprising – it provides websites with a good supply of clickbait articles, and helps them on the rare occasions someone from the club decides they’re going to grace a media outlet with an interview.

Amidst this climate, rumours occasionally start whirling around. Over the weekend, social media had a number of users claiming Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, was turned away at the door from Berghain. Ears To The House thought we were experiencing a touch of déjà vu – and it turns out this was indeed so.

Back in April, Vice carried out an investigation – their word, not ours – into the same rumour. The results were inconclusive – whilst a tweet from Musk himself confirmed he had been in the area, they couldn’t say for sure whether he’d been declined entry. Berghain themselves appear to have an unofficial policy of not commenting on what happens at their venue – given the club’s roots and history, this policy does make some sense.

Was he there this weekend? Musk himself has made no reference to being in Berghain in the past few days. The ElonJet Twitter account, which publishes publicly available information about the location of his private jet, says it was flown from Brownsville to Austin in Texas on July 29th – although we do not know whether Musk was on board at the time.

But he does own at least three private jets in total, so the possibility he was in Europe over the weekend can’t be ruled out either. This rumour looks set to live on…

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