At least Sneak wasn’t advertising his 12 inches this time!

Welcome to another Monday morning with us at Ears To The House – let’s get straight into the new working week by getting onto the subject of DJ Sneak. We quite like Sneak here at HQ – he’s one of the more upfront guys in house music, even if he does have a habit of making promises he simply cannot keep – such as his vow to remove all his music from digital stores.

Sneak has taken to live streaming over the past year or so like a duck to water – though perhaps a financially lucrative deal with Monad Social might have something to do with it. Every week, Sneak puts on an event for his fans online – whom must pay to view and hear his set. Charges start at around $10 per month after a two week free trial.

Yesterday, he broadcast another one of the For The Ladies sets, something which he does from time to time. Sneak promised his listeners some “sexy house music for the ladies” – an incredibly vague and subjective promise. And we’re not quite sure we really want to think too much about what constitutes as “sexy” in house music as we eat our cornflakes.

Anyway, times have changed. Last year, Sneak promoted one of his online parties with a sleazy line about the “big boss and his 12 inches being ready for a party”. Mercifully, there were no such crude, smutty boasts for yesterday’s event – although we haven’t been able to establish quite why the man himself toned down the advertising this time around.

Oh, and to anyone wondering how many tracks Sneak still has on Traxsource, it’s 594. That’s down nine from the previous update in May, but still means his music won’t disappear from Traxsource until around 2110 at current rates…

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